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CGTalk Forum Rules, Guidelines and Policy

In order to maintain a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere here at CGTalk, we appreciate it if users kindly co-operate with the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure that CGTalk remains a pleasant and informative site to visit, and to prevent unnecessary conflicts on the forums. Failure to comply with these rules and policies may result in your banishment from the site. <p>Should a user have any problems or issues regarding any subject on the forum or the acts of any other user, they should refer the matter to the Forum Leaders to deal with. It is not the place of users to moderate or in any way govern or judge others.</p> <p>Any issues should be reported us using the online form here.</p> <p>There are three main principal guidelines:</p> <p>1. Be courteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.</p>

<p>2. Engage your brain before your mouth. You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause.</p> <p>3. Don't dilute the forums with irrelevant and unnecessary crap. CGTalk is a professional, moderated forum. It's a place to talk about all things CG. It's NOT a free speech forum.</p> <p>The owners of CGTalk reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread with or without reason or notice. Polite enquiries will be listened to. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated and is cause for instant banishment from the site.</p> <p>By registering with CGTalk, you agree to the following guidelines and policies.</p> <p><strong>CGTalk Policy</strong><br> All of the following guidelines have been formulated according to specific problems that we have encountered in the past, and wish to prevent in the future, in the interests of maintaining a level of professionalism and respect amongst users on CGTalk.</p> <p><strong>- Please be posted in English only</strong><br> As an international forum, we ask our users to kindly post all comments in English only, as it is a language that should be, at least to some degree, understood by all who visit. Posting in other languages alienates large numbers of our members, and as such, we ask for users to kindly refrain from posting in any other language. </p> <p>Because CGTalk is a computer graphics related community, and in the interests of keeping potentially offensive topics away from the forum, the Administrators and Forum Leaders of these forums do not tolerate posts that contain any of the following subjects or elements:</p> <p><strong>- Politics or political propaganda in any form</strong><br> If you wish to discuss politics, kindly find an appropriate forum for such discussion. Topics of this nature resort in lengthy and unnecessary arguments that are nevertheless totally unrelated to the subject of computer graphics or visual effects.</p>

<p><strong>- Potentially inflammatory discussions, artwork or comments regarding social issues</strong><br> These include, but are not limited to, topics such as racism, sexism, religion, xenophobia or homosexuality. This also extends to statements made in user signatures, and includes, in this capacity, quotes from religious texts. Signatures found to be breaching this rule will be edited, and repeat offenders may be banned from the site.</p> <p><strong>- Crude, derogatory, inappropriate, or disrespectful remarks aimed at any individual(s)</strong><br> Offensive or unnecessarily abrasive comments directed at any individual are not tolerated in any form. These include anything from personal vendettas to unnecessarily insulting comments directed at the work of any individual. Critiques of work displayed should not include unnecessarily derogatory remarks (whether aimed at the user or the work itself) in any form.</p> <p><strong>- Spamming</strong><br> A healthy level of industry-related advertising is encouraged in the CG News and General Discussions forum. However, blatant spamming will be removed.</p> <p><strong>- Hate speech</strong><br> Derogatory, anti-social or inflammatory remarks aimed at any group of people, with the intention to incite a mass response are not only a crime in most countries, but are also totally unacceptable here.</p> <p><strong>- Any comments made with the sole intention of disruption or to cause distress to any individual(s)</strong><br>

Whether made metaphorically, or otherwise, any personal defamatory remarks directed at any individual(s) are unacceptable.</p> <p><strong>- Pornography</strong><br> This excludes the tasteful use of nudity in artwork. Images or animations depicting blatantly pornographic acts including intercourse, masturbation, bestiality or abuse, and links to pornographic sites are not tolerated under any circumstances.</p> <p><strong>- Unnecessarily violent, crude, or obscene imagery</strong><br> Scenes depicting themes such as rape, or any other brutality will not be tolerated in any form.</p> <p><strong>- Racial slurs</strong><br> No matter how amusing some people might find them, most users consider jokes, or underhanded comments, directed at any race or culture highly offensive.</p> <p><strong>- Piracy / Warez / Serial Numbers</strong><br> Users requesting or advertising warez (or links to warez sites), serial numbers, cracks, or illegally copied software documentation, are not welcome on this forum. CGTalk does not tolerate any members that, in any way, aid or encourage the use of illegally acquired software, or attempt to justify the use of such software. Moderators will promptly close any discussions on this subject and users violating this rule will be immediately and permanently banished from this site.</p>

<p><strong>- Threads advertising items for sale</strong><br> Please refrain from posting threads advertising any software, hardware or other goods that you have for sale. This isn't ebay.</p>

<p><strong>- Threads advertising jobs</strong><br> CGSociety offers a job service at CGJobs and a job forum please use them for job postings, this includes freelance, and casual positions. </p>

<p><strong>- Posts that are potentially in breach of any NDA Agreements</strong><br> This includes screenshots or any unlawfully acquired knowledge regarding beta versions of software that are not available to the general public. Even if you are not the one who signed the agreement, you are still not permitted to post such matter.</p> <p><strong>- Totally ludicrous subjects</strong><br> While the actual definition of this one may be debatable, we prefer to keep totally ridiculous subject matter that is totally unrelated to the industry, away from the forums as much as possible. While we all do enjoy some manner of light hearted or amusing conversation, we ask that members rather use the CGTalk IRC channel for this. A certain level of such matter is tolerated, but if a thread is really of very little substantial merit, the author of that thread will have to accept that it might be closed or removed completely.</p> <p><strong>- Plagiarism / Dishonest portrayal of work</strong><br> Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated, and users found guilty of posting stolen work will be banned immediately. Users will also be banned if they post photos that they claim are renders, or if they post paintovers of photographs, and claim they are original paintings. This type of behaviour is simply not acceptable on a website like CGSociety.<br> <br> <strong>General Notes</strong><br> Posts containing subject matter as listed above will be removed in all cases, and should the author of such posts persist in posting such matter, that user will no longer be allowed to post on the forums.</p> <p>The Administrators and Forum Leaders of CGTalk request that all users remain, at all times, respectful and courteous towards all other members of the forum.</p> <p>We believe that these guidelines are fair and acceptable, and that all users should respect our reasons for keeping them in place. The admins and mods are not there to police everyone, but rather to protect users from offensive or unlawful content.</p> <p>Should a user have any problems or issues regarding any subject on the forum or the acts of any other user, they are encouraged to contact the Administrators who will attend to the matter.</p>

<p>Users are also encouraged to use the Report this post function within threads, should they feel that any comments posted on the forums have violated any of the guidelines stipulated here.</p> <p>We hope that you enjoy CGTalk! </p>

New Users - 2 Post Validation Policy

All new registered members must undergo a 2 post validation process. This means that two of your posts must be validated by a CGTalk Forum Leader prior to it appearing on the forum.

Once you have cleared 2 posts, you will be able to freely use private messaging and post on the forum. This is to prevent unwanted content from malicious users from reaching the forum. We appreciate your understanding.

How do I change my username?

Go here: http://portfolio.cgsociety.org/manage/account.php

If you don't have a portfolio, you'll have to create one. Depending on your username, you may have the opportunity to change it during CGPortfolio signup.


Avatars - How to Use Them

<p>Avatars are the little thumbnail that veteran users on CGTalk have associated with their posts on the forum. Only users that have cleared the first 2 posts are given this privilege. Note that as soon as you reach 2 posts, the ability to use an avatar is <em>not</em> immediate - it may take up to 24 hours before CGTalk batch processes the users to add you to the Registered user list.</p> <p><strong>How to upload an Avatar (users with over 2 posts only)</strong><br>

 Go into &quot;UserCP&quot; -&gt; &quot;Edit Options&quot;. <br>

Scroll down, there is a field to change the avatar.</p>

Attachments - How to Use Them

<p>Attachments are images or files that veteran users on CGTalk can upload to the server. Only users that have cleared 2 posts are given this privilege. Note that as soon as you reach 2 posts, the ability to use attachments is <em>not</em> immediate - it may take up to 24 hours before CGTalk batch processes the users to add you to the Registered user list.</p> <p><strong>Attachments (users with over 2 posts only)</strong><br>

 Each user is allocated with 512KB of space to make use of for attachments (1MB for Veteran users with 30+ posts). Please use this wisely. You will need to manage your space by deleting old attachments. If this space is not enough, you can either become a full CGS Member and get 20MB of attachment space, or get your own web hosting and run the images from your server.</p>

Forum stuff

Where Did My Post/Thread Go?

<p>If your post/thread was removed, it could be that:</p> <ul><li> It violates our Terms and Conditions or policy. Possibly:

     <li>You harassed or flamed someone.</li>
     <li>You harassed or flamed a Forum Leader or Admin (instant banning from CGTalk)</li>
     <li>You posted any content that contain questionable subject matter such as:
         <li>Politics or political propaganda</li>
         <li>Inflammatory content</li>
         <li>Crude, derogatory, inappropriate or disrespectful remarks</li>
         <li>Hate speech</li>
         <li>Violent, crude or obscene imagery</li>
         <li>Racial slurs</li>
         <li>Legally protected content</li>
         <li>Totally ludicrous or off-topic posts</li>
         <li>Complete fanboy posts with smilies and no comment</li>
 <li>You got upset that your post was deleted and posted &quot;Where did my post go?&quot; and this was removed.</li>
 <li>You may have started a thread topic that already exists. Please use the search function prior to starting a new thread.</li>
 <li>Server Issues. Due to the complexity of CGTalk and the amount of automated processes that run  to ensure that  database integrity is maintained, some posts (e.g. gallery threads that do no longer have working or correctly linked images) are removed automatically.</li>
 <li>Accidental deletion - yes, it happens. </li>

</ul> <p>If you still cannot fathom why your post may have gone to neverland, please contact the respective Forum Leader of the forum where you posted. This is listed in the forum display page (from the home page, click on the forum, then scroll down to see the list of Forum Leaders). </p> <ol>

 <li>Do <strong>not</strong> post &quot;Where did my post go?&quot; on any forums including the support forum.</li>
 <li>When contacting a Forum Leader, only sincere and polite requests will be listed to - any hint of subversive/sly remarks or rudeness present in the course of your discussion with any of the Forum Leaders or admins of CGTalk will result in your instant banishment from this site.</li>


Why don't you have a forum for 'xyz' software?

Because it hasn't been requested yet. We only start forums on CGTalk when it is requested by members, there is enough support from the community to make the forum active, and when the company (if it is a software forum) gives us permission and marketing support to start a CGTalk forum. <br><br> If you want to request a forum, first do a search to check that no-one else has already requested one, and a collective decision to not start it. Then start a thread in the Suggestions forum with a poll, so that other members can vote.

Why is this forum not sorted right?

Some forums - CG News and the Gallery forums, for instance - are sorted by the first post date, instead of the last post date. This keeps new stuff flowing onto the forum, and stops long-lived threads (that aren't recent news or art) to dominate the forum.

You can click the "Last Post" column when you visit such a forum to return the sorting to its "natural" order.


How do I post an image in the gallery?

To post gallery images, go to your 'Manage Gallery' page in your CGPortfolio

Why are Gallery Images Watermarked?

Watermarking the images in the gallery is absolutely necessary for legal reasons and we cannot avoid this.

If you object to the watermarking, please do not post your image on CGTalk.

How is an image chosen for the CG Choice Award?

<p>An image is selected as a Choice Candidate if: <br> - It has an average 3 star rating and...<br> - Has over 1000 views to it</p>

<p>From there, it is put into queue for Gallery Administrators to vote on. If the Gallery Administrators vote for it to be included in the CG Choice Gallery, it is then added, the artist notified and award-winning status given.</p>

<p>Note that a Front Page Plug does NOT constitute a CG Choice Award. All images must go through the same rigorous judging process before it is awarded.</p>

How does an image get onto the front page?

<p>Short answer - <b>YOU</b> tell us by Private Messaging the respective Forum Leader! Please do not reply to the thread saying "This should be on the front page" as the mods may miss it. Do us a favor, PM us and let us know!</p>

<p>Long answer follows:</p>

<p>Front page plugs are chosen by Forum Leaders who think that attention should be given to it. These can be pertinent news items, or simply good work that is deserving of attention. Often, an image makes it onto the front page when CGTalk members notify a Forum Leader via PM (Private Message) of an outstanding piece of work and request that it is plugged. It is totally subjective and at the discretion of the Forum Leaders to plug something on the front page.</p>

<p>The front page is not an award. It does not qualify for a CG Choice Award, and users should not be mistaken as to what is front page material and what is not.</p>

I submitted to the gallery - how come it isn't shown?

1. If you submitted to the gallery and the entry was not accepted, you would have received an email with reasons why. If you did not receive this email, then you probably have supplied an account that no longer works, or have spam blocked our sites - please ensure that you can receive mails from cgsociety.org

2. If your submission to the hosted gallery was not accepted, you should post it in a WIP (Work In Progress) forum.

Almost all the time, people's work are not accepted in the hosted galleries because they are unfinished. If your work is not accepted, post it in the WIP forum, improve the image, then submit it again.

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