In order to keep the CGWiki professional, please keep the following in mind when contributing:

  • Please keep articles as neutral as possible. For this reason, it is not considered good practice to edit, for example. pages about yourself or the company you work for.
  • Please do not use the CGWiki as you would a forum, the articles should be there for information. If you want to talk about an article please use the article's talk section, or the CGSociety Forums.
  • Please do not use the CGWiki to promote your own work.
  • If you use the talk section of an article, please make sure you sign your posts, so it is clear who said what.
  • Please be considerate when editing existing articles to avoid offending other users. If in doubt, the corresponding talk page can be used to discuss the changes beforehand.
  • Please do not create joke articles or articles that are unrelated to CG.

Note that this is a non-exhaustive list, and, most importantly, try to behave in a professional and considerate manner.

Note that the CGWiki should NOT be used as a tool to promote yourself or your company. The aim of the CGWiki is to provide a professional, neutral, source of information for the computer graphics community, and offending contributions will be dealt with accordingly.

The Society

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